Andrei (profpr) wrote,

Секрет доверия народа к ученым

Одна из часто обсуждаемых тем - утрата доверия к ученым со стороны населения. Этот феномен не только российский - по крайней мере, в Америке он тоже пристуствует. А секрет оказался прост: размещайте в Инстаграмме свои селфи, Киса - и люди к вам потянутся.
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Just synthesized magnetic nanoparticles. @katherinegerosa sharing her excitement because who doesn't get super pumped when their experiment works? 🎉 Success captured in a #selfie. ⚗️ Katherine is a science student at LSU, where our ScientistSelfie research team member @beakerbjc has worked with her to improve her written, oral, visual and technology science communication skills. Katherine is a Distinguished Communicator student in LSU's CxC program. With the results from our ScientistSelfie project at (link in bio) we hope to be able to better guide students and faculty at LSU and beyond to use social media to enhance public trust in scientists and understanding of science. ⚗️ #scienceselfie #scientistswhoselfie #science #chemistry #wearestemsquad #womeninstem #undergradresearch

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